Ed’s 30th birthday was on May 13th – Mother’s day – a Sunday – and a preaching day for him.  He pretty much wanted to sit at home like all his previous birthdays and do nothing, maybe last minute have some people over for dinner or a BBQ outside.  He’s pretty simple.  But this time around, being his 30th and all, I HAD to do something!!  Friday I surprised him with a camping trip with close friends, Sunday a surprise video played before church (I’ll post that later!!) and on Monday I surprised him with tickets to see Conan!!  Notice all the “surprises”, yeah, I pretty much just attacked him with secrets that weekend that have been on the brink of discovery for months – It was SO. HARD. I will never do that again!  I can’t keep it in, it gives me mini heart attacks and I have to stop and breathe to calm myself down in corners of the room unnoticed.  SO. HARD.  Anyway, here are a few pics of the conan experience – you can’t take photos inside the taping so we sneaked one little on they way out…

Us on the show – I’m in the bright orange shirt in the middle – Katie MacDiarmid to my left and then Ed and Ryan to my right!!  This is Ed and I’s moment of fame : )  Our heads appeared on the bottom of the screen during the “Audiency Awards” – highlighting the couple right behind us – like my TBS forehead stamp?And this picture below is my favorite, Ed’s face as he’s watching our show a few days later…. 

OK, now for what we’ve been up to this last week!!  WOOD FLOORS!!!!  We finally talked it out and discovered since our house is two story that we didn’t have all that much square footage to cover if we wanted to lay down wood floors in our kitchen and living room – it was the perfect timing, we found a great deal on hard wood and, most importantly, we agreed on something we liked!  So…. here’s what we did Friday-Monday … (warning, there was some blood involved in this endever).

Our animals always want to be involved in the messes we make – so here they are watching, a little concerned… 
A big thanks to Ryan MacDiarmid and Scot Bernhard for carrying heavy objects and smashing our tiles to bits!!  Thank you for putting your lives on the line for our floors : ) 
Above: Ed smashing mortar with a hammer and chisle late into the night…. Below: The best tool rental EVER from Home Depot that saved our marriage the next day.  This thing got the job done!You know you’ve been working too long when your husband starts to look like he does this for a living….Toby would like this to stop now. ANNNND – they’re done!!!  (well, the molding still needs to be put back in and a few cracks need some attention, but it’s pretty much there – and they are beautiful!) The difference between my happiness levels and Toby’s is evident … it might take our dog a little getting used to, cause for now she just sits on the carpet stairs and pouts.

aly - May 24, 2012 - 1:53 pm

oh my gosh!!!!! they look soooooooo amazing!!! Ed is so handy?! I don’t know what to call someone who is good at stuff like that. But anyway, What pretty floors!!!!!!!!

Cheryl - May 24, 2012 - 5:06 pm

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! You two are amazing!!!!!!

Jenny - May 24, 2012 - 8:11 pm

The floors look great!

Tasha - May 24, 2012 - 8:26 pm

Thanks for the update! I loved all of the pictures.

bandofbrothers - May 24, 2012 - 9:11 pm

this post was SO funny.
1. HILARIOUS that you wrote on the carpet. that is one way of moving things forward. haha
2. your pets are so so funny. i love their little perturbed looks.

3. it looks fabulous

4. we did laminate floors a few weeks ago, and by we, i mean the guys from carpet outlet plus. it was exhausting and we did not even lift a finger, so i have no idea how ed did all that.

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