I would really  like to write paragraphs on bringing home Tegan and paragraphs on bringing home Davie …. paragraphs of thoughts that are swirling in my head and need to be recorded before I forget this whole year of my crazy life ever existed.  But my brain is foggy, my mind is tired and my shoulders could really use a back rub…. again.  So, because I’m not a crazy person and I really am not on top of it all – I’m going to save those paragraphs for later.  I did want to take up this tiny bit of internet space, (and my precious time sitting here as BOTH of my children are sleeping and I’m not filling it by eating ice cream, rare moment), to say thank you.  I keep coming back to this feeling of gratitude to all the loving people who held us up in prayer, who gave us finances we certainly did not have, who cared more deeply about us, our story, our sanity, our hearts than I could have ever imagined, to the people who brought us meals, who showered our kids with lavish gifts before they even came home, who made things for us, who watched our dog, our cat, our house, to the people who we never expected that sent us cards and gifts and words of encouragement, to the people that made this possible.  We did this together and I am more than in over my head indebted to ALL of you, even though you never expected me to pay you back.  Confession, we never sent out a single thank you card … OK maybe one or two made it through the cracks, but seriously, 99.9% of you didn’t get a single thing!  I already know I’m awful so no need to say oh Ellie, you didn’t need to do that!  I know I can’t thank you all enough, so consider this (and our flashy-pants Christmas/adoption/birth announcement/praise/thank-you card) our deep deep feelings of love and thanks to you all.  YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a beautiful bunch of friends and family we have!!


And because I may not ever get around to it, here are a few pictures of us these last couple months!! (all the snazzy family pictures in the field were taken by Ashley Maxwell : ) )



Tasha - January 8, 2014 - 11:07 pm

Hey friends,
Today I needed to see a bit of encouragement. Thanks for being just that!
The girls and I were driving today. I can’t remember how we got on the conversation, but I explained how you get to be Teagan and Davie’s parents and how that is super cool!
We love you guys and pray for you!

Tasha - January 8, 2014 - 11:08 pm

Oh, and keep updating with pictures! Even if you don’t have time to write much, I’d love to see the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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