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IT’S A …… GIRL!!!!!

No, Tegan is not a girl. But his baby sister is!!! Now slap that look of shocked amazement and uncontrollable curiosity off your face and get ready for a serious story.  I know, I have quite a bit to catch you up on. It all started with God’s plan, we said yes to adoption and […]

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It’s always wild to step into places so different from the one you know, places that make you uncomfortable and places that make you re-imagine what this world of ours has to offer.  I love seeing things through different eyes, turing what I think is sure, essential and beautiful on it’s head.  There was no […]

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I have been photographing weddings for the past 7 years and I’ve seen a lot of couples at their worst and best moments.  I sit back and watch a day full of friends and family, small details, and big moments, flowers, make-up, pretty things, groomsmen making fools of themselves.  But my eye is always drawn […]

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So, this morning as I was pouring my cereal I realized that this milk will expire with perfect timing, exactly one day before we leave to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!!  (Oh I know you’re judging me for my measly half gallon of milk, and yes, it usually does go bad before we can drink it all. […]

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Happy Birthday!

Tegan Edward Grover (I love typing that beautiful name), was born on March 16th 2012 … and we had a little party!!   aaaannnnd….. we also sent him a present!   Two wonderful new friends carried our package all the way to Ethiopia on the way to meet their daughter for the first time!  Since we can’t post photos […]

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A D O P T I O N   C A L E N D A R