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Happy Birthday!

Tegan Edward Grover (I love typing that beautiful name), was born on March 16th 2012 … and we had a little party!!   aaaannnnd….. we also sent him a present!   Two wonderful new friends carried our package all the way to Ethiopia on the way to meet their daughter for the first time!  Since we can’t post photos […]

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IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!

Our family coordinator called us yesterday morning at 8am with news of our referral.  ”Your wait is over” she said : )  We cried as we listened to the story of our baby boy’s 11 months of life unfold over the phone.  ’This is his story’, I kept thinking, ‘this is the story we will […]

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On deck!  Those are the words our adoption agency uses to summarize the status of families that will receive the next wave of referrals from somewhere out in that vast ocean of Ethiopia. : )  And as of today ——-> WE <——- are on deck people!!!!!!!!!!!  Before you go crazy with questions, we still may have to wait a maximum of […]

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Ed’s 30th birthday was on May 13th – Mother’s day – a Sunday – and a preaching day for him.  He pretty much wanted to sit at home like all his previous birthdays and do nothing, maybe last minute have some people over for dinner or a BBQ outside.  He’s pretty simple.  But this time […]

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So… last week Eddie and I mailed out A LOT of cards, to a lot of people, and unfortunately we got most of them back in the mail this weekend : (  Here’s a little snapshot of our sad pile…. I just wanted to let you know that if you didn’t get a card and […]

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A D O P T I O N   C A L E N D A R